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There seems to be a preconceived notion in society that men in relationships can’t be trusted and they are all about trying to ‘sow their wild oats’ so to speak. However, The Sun is reporting that the opposite is in fact true. A new survey done by British dating firm Coffee & Company, in a sample of 3000, found that 20% of female respondents would most certainly have an affair if they found someone who piqued their interest, yet only 9% of males claimed that they would. Further, 25% of females would consider cheating, as opposed to only 12% of men who would do the same.

The survey found that women aged between 35 and 40 were the most likely to stray, with the most popular reason being that the majority of these women are childless and looking to get more than a good-night kiss as a result of the tryst, if you know what I mean. Coffee & Company boss Lorraine Adams said: “Sometimes the need to experience motherhood overrides moral values about someone else’s marriage vows.”

However, the survey also found other reasons which lead women to cheat, none of which are as devious as that. It was found that feeling unappreciated or unloved in your relationship can be a risk factor for cheating, as can simply being bored, with a lack of communication often times being the catalyst.

In addition, it seems that women have a bit of a double standard in regards to cheating. More of us (supposedly) are willing to cheat, yet only 12% of us would forgive a cheating spouse compared to 15% of men who would do the same.

Do these stats mean then that more women are in unsatisfying relationships than men? Or are do we just expect more than some men do? And what about the cheating stats? Does this mean that we are not particularly worried about breaking up someone else’s relationship, but wouldn’t forgive someone who broke up our own?

What do you think?

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