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Dear Gay Best Friend,

I know you have heard my story before. My boyfriend and I have been together for 8 years and we have 2 kids together. In our 8 year relationship he has not been able to hold down a job, but has always found a way to provide for our children. My problem is I don’t trust him and I never have. We don’t live together right now and he has plenty of time and opportunity to cheat if he wanted to. I want to leave and have left him before because of certain situations that have come up in our relationship that has involved other girls. I know it in my heart and can feel it in my bones that he is not being honest with me. I know I deserve better but I want to work this out! I want to get married and settle down. Tired of playing game! Am I just being a fool for my man or is this the world we live in where every women is sharing her man? – Trying To Stand By Her Man!

Dear Ms. Trying To Stand By Her Man,

Sigh. Ugh! I can’t. Yes, I’ve heard your story a million times before. And, uhm, well, with that I’m going to let the videos below speak for me. Watch the videos and listen to the words.

Today is for all you women going through it over a man. A man who has put you through the drama, bull-ish, pain, heartache, and stress. Today is Put-Him-Out-Get-Your-Life-And-Start-Over-Day!

No man is worth sharing. No man who you’ve been with for over 2 years, living together, you’ve bore him children, and he hasn’t made any commitments to you is worth it. No more playing house. No more creating children with him with the hopes he will be more faithful. No more waiting around for him to propose to you and put a ring on your finger and make you his wife. No more trying to stand by your man and he is not willing to stand by you! Damn it!!

Today is the day you pack his –ish, put him out, and start working on you. Stop letting him lie to you, deceive, manipulate, and destroy your spirit. Today is the day you reclaim your life, power, and self. Please, please, please get it together! – Straight From Your Gay Best Friend

Vivian Green – Gotta Go Gotta Leave

Sunshine Anderson “Heard It All Before”

How many of you are still waiting on your mate to get it together and become more committed? How many of you are tired, fed-up, and ready to move on? What are you going to do about it today?

Syleena Johnson – Guess What

Heather Headley – I Wish I Wasn’t

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