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Singer-songwriter Anita Baker will NOT go to jail today and is negotiating to allow a judge to research how much her ex-husband is owed in music royalties. 

Apparently all this drama started when Anita and husband got divorced. Walter and Anita have known each other for over 30 years and were married for nearly 23 years. The couple were together throughout Anita’s career, and Walter claims that he helped her with some of her more popular recordings.

When they split, they decided to share joint custody of their two sons, Walter Jr (16) and Edward (15). As part of the divorce,the couple agreed to split all of Anita’s recording money and royalties 50-50. (now why would you do that Anita??)

According to a Detroit newspaper, a judge ordered Baker to attend a contempt of court hearing this morning after she failed Thursday to explain why she hadn’t followed orders to sign letters authorizing a court-appointed expert on music industry contracts to seek information from record companies about payments for the music she has written and performed.

Baker got her chance to speak under oath to the judge today, expressing her anxiety about being under the threat of jail.

Watch the video, where Anita spoke BEFORE the hearing:

Baker complained that “experts” have dominated court proceedings since her divorce from Walter Bridgforth Jr. in 2007, and she wanted to speak directly to the judge. Detroit entertainment attorney Howard Hertz, who represents Eminem, among other clients, was appointed by the judge as a music contract expert in an effort to settle the dispute.

“I’m being muzzled,” Baker complained. “My attorneys agree that I know more about music contracts than they do. But I’m not allowed to talk. I invented my music out of thin air, but they have to talk for me, ‘This little woman can’t talk.’ If I’d invented Ford, they would talk to me

“If the judge tells me at the end of the day that I have to sign, I’ll comply. But I want her to hear my side. I’m not saying I’m right. I just want to be heard.”

We’re just happy Anita is NOT going to jail!!

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