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Nursing a hangover can be a pain. And while the tried-and-true cure is to simply wait until it passes (using sleep and water to aid it along), there are a few remedies that will speed up the process. Refinery29 has rounded up the top 3:


Developed by two doctors (specifically for partygoers), Drinkwel is an all-natural multi-vitamin that can be used daily or as needed: Either take Drinkwel as a daily vitamin (with a second serving before bed on nights you drink) or on the go (take one serving before drinking and a second before bed).

Ingredients like milk thistle and artichoke leaf support liver health, amino acids help process toxins, and Vitamin C, Vitamin B complex, and superfruits help replenish vitamins and minerals you lose as you drink.

Drinkwel, $39.95 for a bottle, $9.95 for 4 To-Go Packets

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