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Before President Barack Obama, The United States had not seen a black person as head of state. Though not one of the men who held the coveted position were even a shade close to brown you could hear things said like: “Clinton was black” or “JFK was a black man.”Sorry folks, but no—none of those presidents were black…so can we stop saying it?

Here are 4 Reasons why I think we should abandon that statement or anything like it.

For example, President Bill Clinton is frequently called “black” because of his behavior during his eight year stint in the White House; most commonly referring to his incident with Secretary Monica Lewinsky. While people joke that he probably received fellatio from the young women it somehow turned into “Clinton is black.” How does cheating on ones wife become a race issue? However it does– I’d prefer if he wasn’t called black because of something negative like adultery.

As a person of a certain complexion you MAY be treated differently depending on how dark the color of your skin is. A powerful/rich white man does not encounter the same treatment as a black man therefore should not be labeled something he is not and has no idea about.

Being black when convenient like during election time to get a minority vote doesn’t constitute you as black either.

Last but not least…they weren’t the tad bit of African American so why call them one?

Once again this is my OPINION, share yours in the comment section.

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