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Kanye West is a well known for his music as his scandals these days, and people usually love him or hate him, there is no in-between. But here at HelloBeautiful we think it’s time that everyone gets off his back for the Taylor Swift ‘incident’, and stops hating on Kanye.

Here’s why….

1. His producing and writing talent is what made him so successful in the first place, and you can’t deny that his music is still amazing. Don’t believe me, check out out article highlighting the greatest tracks he’s produced.

2. Unlike some other rappers, his rhymes aren’t about shooting people, or centers around being derogatory toward women. Rather, he focuses on social issues, such as the state of the health care system in ‘Roses’, the blood diamond trade in ‘Diamonds from Sierra Leone’ and the implication that the Reagan government put crack cocaine in black neighborhoods to pacify the black pride movements such as the Black Panthers in ‘Crack Music’.

3. He may be an arrogant brat at times, but everyone seems to forget that he is still just a human being, who, behind the public persona is actually quite intelligent. On an MTV special in 2005, he pleaded with the hip hop industry to end it’s rampant use of homophobic lyrics, highlighting once again, that he is not your average rapper.

4. He is doing something good with his celebrity status. He created the Kanye West Foundation (also known as the Donda West Foundation), to help support socially disadvantaged kids stay in school and get an education, which is something that is often overlooked when the Kanye name is mentioned.

5. How many times has he apologized for the Taylor Swift thing? Yes it was stupid, rude and arrogant, but how long can we hold it against him? Just. Get. Over. It.

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