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Someone’s trying to mess with Monica on Twitter again. She’s already canceled her account once due to malicious comments she received, as well as confronted someone who attacked her mothering skills.

But now it seems someone is sending around fictitious e-mails about Monica and her family (she’s got a new husband!). She chose to take to her Twitter account again to address the issue, but she wouldn’t give specifics.

Here’s what she did say:

“Warning:alot of fake,false, fabricated emails going around about me & my loved ones.However we KNOW who’s sending them.Im sure your laughing

But the same things that make u laugh,make u cry.It is a slow process but you will suffer the repercussions of your childish actions SOON :)

Btw I don’t mean bodily hard.Im WAY to grown for that now.The law works fine in this case.Looking at your ip address right now. See u soon:)”

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