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This week’s sexy mocha goodness is 23-year old Darryl “LeBron” Stevenson. Born and raised in Newark, New Jersey, Darryl currently resides in Manhattan.

His modeling career began shortly after he finished his service in the military. He had just moved back to New Jersey and his sister was very big into fashion shows and she was looking to pursue modeling. Darryl accompanied her to a casting one day and as they sat in the room full of prospects a scout came out to verify the cast list. When Darryl went unaccounted for on the list the scout asked if he planned to audition. He replied, “No.”  The scout said that he should and the room agreed, so Darryl was pretty much forced to apply despite his reluctance. And, he’s been modeling ever since.

When Darryl is not modeling he is an entrepreneur. He is a personal trainer/businessman. He trains clients whenever he has the opportunity.  “There is no better gratification than giving someone the gift of being fit and healthy,” Darryl said. “That kind of liberation leads to greatness in other areas of their lives. I’m happy to be able to impact others.”  Darryl helps to run a health food restaurant concept in the Chelsea area.  “I try to incorporate a healthier approach into everything that I do. And, by being health conscious I can live to do the things I love longer and stronger!”

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I asked Darryl what he looks for in a woman and he said, “This is a question to which two years ago my answer would have been very different. I love a woman that appreciates the simplicity of a snow storm. She wouldn’t rather be anywhere other than under my arm when while watching a movie on the couch. If I said that I wanted to be the first man to walk on the sun she would support me. My perfect woman is motivated and tried. She knows what living life is about and is equipped to survive the hardships and embrace the lovingness it has to offer.  My ideal woman puts her best on not because she wants the world to think she’s beautiful, but because she wants to look just right for ‘her man.’ She has a smile that melts ice and my heart, and has an uniqueness about her that you just can’t pinpoint, but you see it prominently. My special girl doesn’t call me LeBron, she calls me button-nose. The girl most dear to me laughs with me when I’m funny, cries with me when I’m hurt, and cares for me when I bleed.  Any man would be lucky to have the woman I need and I’m lucky to know I have her.”

In his downtime, Darryl says he always have a great time especially when he can go out to a club and dance. “Dancing is something I have done for a long time,” Darryl said. “There’s no better feeling than being in the middle of the dance floor tearing it up. In my down time I love to play just about any sport. I played football since I was young, and then all through high school. I also played for a short time in college, so I have a great love for the game. Baseball and basketball are also my favorite past times. When I am not engaged in some form of physical activity I may be writing or working on a new song or watching a movie. Film is a hidden passion that I have, but I would love to be on a set filming a drama or a horror flick. You’d be surprised!”

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