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Now that Lamar Odom is married, people actually care about who he’s sleeping with, or has slept with or, unfortunately for Khloe, will sleep with. Jump-offs and baby mamas come out of the woodwork, and videos, photos, and random documents are there as proof.

Sandra Rose just posted this video of Lamar Odom and Lil’ Kim. It was taken at Kim’s birthday party in 2008, so we know it was before he and Khloe got married, but don’t the two look to be a little bit more than friends?

The reader who sent it in, had this to say:

I just came across this picture and video of khloe kardashian’s husband lamar odom and lil kim getting a little too close for comfort, the picture is harmless, but in the video she is all on his lap. I know khloe and him haven’t been married for that long, but “was” or “is” lil kim creeping with him?

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