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This sexy chocolate twenty-one year old stud is Lamonte Lans. He hails from Rockland County, New York where he was born and raised.

Lamonte began his modeling career a little over a year ago with encouragement from his family. Although, his main focus is acting and comedy, but he decided to do both as he was told that modeling and acting go hand-in-hand in various ways. It wasn’t until this past July that he was discovered. He found compatibility with Jones Model and Talent Management Agency.

After a year of searching through various modeling sites and going through the ropes of bad experiences with scams and business incompetence due to his inexperience, Lamonte took another shot at online casting calls. “The one that I came upon was that of Mr. Jones at a photo shoot on the Brooklyn Bridge,” Lamonte said. “I felt that it could possibly lead to me being represented as a model.” Long story short, Lamonte proved himself worthy and has established a prominent place in the agency. “I must add that I am proud, humbled, and blessed to be represented by an agency that not only manages, but befriends their models as well.”

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I asked Lamonte what he looks for in a woman and he said, “First and foremost, what I look for in a woman is a sense of humor. Laughing is the key to the soul and a woman with no sense of humor is what I consider a zombie. Besides that, I like a woman who is outgoing, self-aware, confident, and independent. With all that I am involved in, I can only see myself with someone who understand, respects, and supports what I do for a living. Love should never be a competition or a relationship that is vexed by the forces of jealousy and disengagement. At the end of the day, I need a woman that can not only satisfy me physical, but mentally and emotionally as well. Companionship at its best.”

When Lamonte is not focusing on his modeling career, he is currently a full-time student-athlete at CUNY Queens College. He plays on the men’s basketball team. “Basketball being one of my several passions,” he said. While active in education and sports, Lamonte dedicates his interests into his comedy. He began doing stand-up comedy in March of this year. In a short period of time he has already made a name for himself in several of New York top comedy clubs, including Gotham, New York Comedy Club, Laugh Lounge, and Times Square Arts Center. “Through my work and persistence I have earned the attention of Dave Sheppard, CEO of DMS Productions, and have been hosting his comedy specials at Dave and Busters in the Palisades mall since July.” These shows have featured great, well-known comedians such as Lady Roz G, AZ White, and former 98.7 Kiss FM radio personality Talent, just to name a few. Lamonte mentioned that besides schooling, playing basketball, and joking, he always makes time for his family.

In his down time, Lamonte said it is actually non-existent for him. “I am always engaged in some activity that is linked to some aspect of my career. This is consciously and unconsciously. If I am not playing basketball, then I am clowning around in character with my friends or family. My comedy is inspired by real life stories and events that may have been experienced by me firsthand. I try not to let my life go to waste, so I find ways to extract something from my daily activities and transform them into useful components.”

You can check out Lamonte as he is a featured model for the Monty Making Moves 2011 Calendar, HERE!

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